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For growing businesses, the midyear progress evaluation is the perfect time to consider investing in new technologies. Making the right upgrades can be key not only to helping your business meet its annual goals, but also to ensuring pain-free growth in the years to come. In this article we look at three technologies—servers, networks, and storage—that can help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) stay agile and efficient while they grow.

Many SMB owners might be reluctant to invest money in server technology, but the benefits in doing so far outweigh the costs. Servers streamline data access and are far more reliable than traditional PCs. They provide a single, centralized location for data storage and backup, and they also greatly increase security by allowing you to create separate user accounts and assign rights to stored data. It’s important to acknowledge, though, that traditional data center and server architectures are becoming increasingly impractical and cost-ineffective. That’s why today’s SMB owners would be wise to look at solutions like HP’s ProLiant Gen 9 servers, which are optimized for virtualization and cloud opportunities. This will enable your businesses to implement collaborative tools ideal for workers conducting business both in and out of the office.

Network technology is another key area where upgrading can have a big impact. While today’s smart SMBs are taking advantage of mobility, big data, and cloud technologies, these tools also make network environments more complicated and can test the limits of legacy devices. But by adopting a unified wired and wireless hardware solution, you can simplify your networking environment and take full advantage of these productivity-boosting technologies.

Finally, every growing business needs to think about upgrading its storage capabilities, and choosing the right solution can make a difference. Forward-looking SMBs will look into storage that is fast enough to keep them running efficiently today and easily upgradable to meet their needs as they continue to grow. HP’s MSA Storage solutions, for example, are optimised for small businesses to be fast, affordable, and expandable.

While upgrading any one of these technologies can help your business stay nimble and efficient while it grows, upgrading all of them can be a game-changing decision. If you're ready to make the leap, HP offers a 'Just Right IT' portfolio that can affordably set your business up to achieve its goals this year and beyond.

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