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Organised bookkeeping is essential to successfully starting your small business. It enables you to easily refer to past transactions as well as keeping your current expenditures on track. Having an organised system of bookkeeping enables you to run your business efficiently which in turn will help it prosper. Here are 4 tips that will help you recognise the best bookkeeping solution for your start-up business:

Can it sit on the cloud?

The Cloud is the latest game changer of the Internet community. It is changing not only your personal life but the characteristics of your business. You are able to compile books and much more on the Cloud. The pros to utilising Cloud software for your bookkeeping solutions are that it is quick and easy. This means that if an issue arises with your computer, your bookkeeping data is not lost as it is saved to the cyber-space sphere of the Cloud. Upgrading the software yourself is a thing of the past for businesses that uses software situated on the cloud. The developers do this for you, with little disruption to your day to day operations.  You often pay by the month, so it is a much more cost effective solution than software that needs to be installed on a hard drive.

Manage your payroll.

There are web based software solutions available that enables your business to keep track of its payroll and enables you to easily filter the system. This limits the amount of paperwork or software that you would use throughout your business, allowing all your important data to be stored in one handy location.

Can your bookkeeping solutions maintain accurate reports?

Important information such as your business transactions, assets, liabilities and equity all need to be organised appropriately. This information is needed to generate your Business Activity Statement every 3 months to lodge to the Australian Tax Office, along with organizing your tax returns for the End of Financial Year. If all of these documents are organised in an efficient manner, it makes managing your taxes a much more simple and pleasant experience.

Determine your business’ position at a glance.

When considering the right software for your business, you want one that quickly and easily allows you to review your position, including those important things like outstanding money owing to your business and payments that are due.

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