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  1. The NBN (National Broadband Network) is headed your way, but it may take some time
    Only 23,000 households and businesses are on the NBN according to the last official report from NBN Co (the company responsible for setting up the NBN). Most of us won’t see the NBN until after 2016. To find out when NBN will roll-out in your area click here

    When the NBN eventually rolls into your area you will have about 18 months to move across before you can no longer use your existing phone lines.

  2. NBN is also available in wireless
    The NBN is not just about delivering high-spec Internet through fibre optic cables. Fast speed internet will be available in three different forms:
    • Wired – Optic fibre cable usually located underground or on fixed services poles.
    • Fixed wireless – A wireless antenna installed at your home or business.
    • Satellite – This option is typically for remote locations where there are no wires or wireless stations. Satellite is slower than wired and fixed wireless.

  3. NBN will be super-fast
    The NBN can reach speeds of 100 Megabits per second which is about twenty times faster than a typical broadband connection. Over time the NBN will increase in speed to a whopping 1,000 Megabits per second; two hundred times faster than broadband.

  4. NBN is for your phone, too
    NBN is not just for Internet. With NBN you can move your phone service to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which uses your Internet connection to make calls and is very reliable.  This will result in significant savings to call rates with  minimal service charges. You can also watch TV over the NBN (called IPTV) with no speed issues.

  5. Prices are very competitive
    When the NBN reaches your area you can sign up via any of the well-known Internet providers. Pricing depends on the speed and features that you need and can start from as little as $29.95 per month. A list of the participating Internet providers is here

  6. The NBN is not the only way to access ultra-fast Internet
    Not all of us have to wait years to indulge in high-speed surfing. Some areas, particularly new estates, already have access to high speed fibre via non-NBN fibre services such as Opticomm or Telstra Velocity.

Do you have any other NBN tips to share with our readers?

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Ashik // 12/02/2013 10:00 AM

How can we save on NBN connectivity to our new home please reply.

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