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As small business owners, we look for tools that can assist us with cutting down costs and making our job that much easier. A few businesses tend to look at the most sought after software available that can help with this, such as MYOB. But is it the right choice when our business is at the next growth stage?

Some of the applications to look out for when searching or investing in business software applications should include:

1. Universal accessibility: This refers to Cloud based products that enables modern business offices to have easy access to the data. The modern business office has evolved to a mobile work force where both the owner and staff can have easy access to the data at any place and time, creating flexibility and convenience to your business. Using Cloud based software promotes you to have a ‘green’ friendly environment around the workplace by creating a low cost, highly scalable storage space without the need of paper. This in itself, is a huge motivator for signing up to a Cloud based software. In addition, it can reduce staff costs as work can be carried out at home.

2. Simplicity: look for software applications that give your staff and yourself ease of use. Some key points to consider to look for can be automated back-ups that include data protection. Having something as simple as this will enable you to feel at ease knowing that your data is protected. Advanced software applications will allow you to have access to your data and business information on the Cloud, anywhere, anytime. The simplicity of having a software application is that little skills are required. Video tutorials are commonly offered as part of the training process. Answers of how to use the software is right at your fingertips.

Your software application should come with basic training manuals that will help you with the setting up process.

3. Saves you money: any money invested in your business should produce some results for you. There are numerous software applications that can assist in your business needs without the expensive price. Look for affordable software with inexpensive upgrade costs, saving you money as your business expands or requires other needs.

Cloud based products such as mySBE can assist with your everyday business running, allowing you to have easy access to your data, at any place and time, giving you freedom to be on the go. mySBE also offers affordable upgrade to help support your business as it grows. Try it free today.

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