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Are you an avid user of Dropbox? Then you should consider “Dropbox for Teams” which, like a traditional file server, is designed to help share files in team environments. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Unlike the standard Dropbox version every staff member gets a different log-in to Teams so you can monitor behaviour, logins and create “Groups”.
  • “Groups” are similar to a traditional file server. You can set up multiple groups and permissions so you can restrict users from accessing specific files and folders.
  • The Teams version starts with 1TB of storage which is more than enough for most small businesses.
  • If your files are accidentally deleted or corrupted you can use the “Pack-Rat” feature to view all previously saved versions of your Dropbox files so you can quickly undo any change.
  • Dropbox Teams costs $795 per year for up to 5 users and extra users are $125 per year.
  • You get unlimited support with Dropbox Teams should anything go wrong.

What do you think? Is Dropbox Teams right for you?

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