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Half-laptop-half-tablet devices, better known as “hybrids”, are the latest craze. However, they may not be for everyone. We regularly receive l enquiries from our customers who are trying to decide whether or not to make the switch, and this is what we tell them:

There are many benefits of switching to a hybrid, and the main ones are as follows:

  1. Moving from laptop to tablet is seamless - The power of a hybrid is of course that your laptop IS also your tablet. There is no need to synchronise files or connect to the Internet to access your Cloud. You can start writing a sentence in the office and finish it in the train. There are many productivity benefits of using the same device in both laptop and tablet format.
  2. “No compromise” performance - So long as you buy a premium hybrid you won’t sacrifice performance for convenience. When in laptop mode your hybrid performs just like any other laptop, and when in tablet mode it out performs any iPad or Android tablet.
  3. Don’t carry around two devices - Your sales staff will love you for it. There is no need to carry around a bulky laptop and a sleek tablet. They’re one and the same!
  4. Save cash - Instead of buying a tablet and laptop outright you should save hundreds of dollars when you combine them into one device.

There are also a few considerations to making the switch:

  1. Screen size - If you are used to a 15” laptop and a 7” tablet then a hybrid will come as a bit of a shock initially. The screen size for your laptop & tablet is of course now the same size. So it’s likely you’ll end up with an 11, 12 or 13” device.
  2. Go for a “snap off” model or it might be too heavy - Some hybrids swivel and others spin but you don’t want to be holding the weight of a screen and keyboard in your hand while you use it as a tablet. “Snap off” models solve that problem by disconnecting the screen from the keyboard so you don’t end up with forearm strain.
  3. Smudge marks on your screen - Smudge marks don’t bother me, but they might bother you. Consider the fingerprints that may occupy your laptop screen after you’ve spent hours using it as a tablet.
  4. Remember, your laptop IS your tablet - You might be used to letting your kids play around with the tablet at home without it impacting your work. You need to be careful lending them your hybrid because if they break it then they break your work computer too!

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