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Business tablets aren’t new. Last year Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablet was touted as the first true tablet for business. But a lot has changed since then.

HP’s foray into the business tablet market has been well anticipated and the new HP ElitePad is getting very good reviews. After having played with one myself here’s how I think it might stack up as a tablet for you and your staff:

  1. Usability in (and out) of the office – True business tablets like the ElitePad run Windows 8 Pro, not Android or IOS. Windows 8 Pro is specifically designed to be a tablet and a PC so you can switch to tablet mode when you are travelling and then back to PC mode when you are in the office.
  2. Performance and storage – Some tablets grind to a halt when you load them up with work files, but not the ElitePad. It won’t slow you down. We don’t think the base storage (up to 64GB) is enough so we suggest you buy extra storage (via micro SD) if you intend this to be your PC replacement. 
  3. Connectivity – You should buy the additional docking station and keyboard to transform your ElitePad into a desktop PC. The docking station comes with all of the standard ports such as Ethernet, USB and video. The ElitePad screen is 10.1” so we recommend you hook it up to an external monitor when you are at your desk.
  4. Look and feel –This tablet looks really swish and it feels sleek. It has a nice aluminium body and instead of using screws HP has secured the back with a magnet to create a really nice finish. Step aside, iPad.
  5. Security and manageability – The ElitePads come with software to help you can easily locate and protect data on lost devices. It also has hardware and software security to protect against hackers and viruses. In addition to these features we suggest you also install a full-blown Internet Security product (e.g. Symantec) to maximise your protection.
  6. Price – The ElitePad starts from $899 RRP which is about what you expect to pay for a business grade tablet. The extra accessories and software will set you back a few hundred dollars more.

In summary, we really like the ElitePad. It has got all the features you would expect for businessAlthough, we do recommend that you buy some of the key accessories in order to realise the full business benefits. This really is a fantastic replacement for your out-dated laptops and desktop PCs. 

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