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It's every business worst nightmare, losing days, weeks or even months of work from a computer crash, a virus or even worse, fire or theft. Imagine the impact on your business if you lost your MYOB file, the tender document or report you have been working on for weeks.

Data back-up is a necessity for all businesses, and the most common backup options for small business up till now have been:

  1. Tape Backup Drive - Expensive & time conusming. This option only works well if you want to maintain a decent archive of your files but it's not always easy to find what was on your system yesterday.
  2. External USB Drive - Cost effective but cumbersome. This solution generally requires you to sit and wait for the file copy every night before you leave so you can take the USB drive home with you.

Online backup is a better way 

More recently a new type of service has come to market.  With the advent of today's super fast broadband Internet connections and the costs of large amount of disk storage dropping dramatically, technologies are now available to let you keep your precious company data backed up, to a secure off-site location, in almost real-time without the need to large investments or having to wait around for files to copy every day.  The technology is known as Online Backup.

Online Backup solutions allow you to install a small piece of software on your server, desktop or notebook and have the system backup all or selected sets of your data to a secure storage location across the Internet every night or even as each file changes!  The service runs in the background on your computer and requires no user intervention once its setup.  The online service also keeps a history of all your files backed up so you can even go back in time, select an individual file version and have it restored in your machine in seconds.  Online Backup solutions allow SMBs to have a backup strategy even some major corporations' dream of.  A full offsite copy of all your mission-critical files tucked away in a secure facility that can be restored again at the click of a button from anywhere on the planet... and all from only a few dollars per month!

VInet Online Backup Service 

VInet has recently launched such a service for Small Business' in Australia in using technology for world leader in storage technology, EMC.  VInet's Online Backup service is available Australia-wide and is offered to PowerBuy members at a 15% discount.  Call VInet Solutions today to learn more about this and other Hosted solutions for PowerBuy members on 1300-733-441 and stop worrying about your data security!

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