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Read this BEFORE you let tablets into your office

“Hey boss, can I use my tablet for work?” If you haven’t yet heard this from your staff then brace yourself. Tablets are here to stay and if you want to attract and retain staff then you need to seriously consider letting them use a tablet for work.

Here are some things to consider before inviting tablets into your office:

     1.       Enabling email and web is relatively easy

Depending on your email set-up it is fairly easy to let your staff send and receive email from their tablet. There are many online guides (Android/Apple) to help. If your staff member leaves the company then you can simply disable their email account.

     2.       Your business IP might be at risk

As soon as your employees start running company programs on their tablet and downloading work files then you are exposing your IP. How do you know if the latest security software is installed? Can they easily be hacked? In the unfortunate event that you have to fire a staff member how do you know if they’ve wiped all of the confidential information from their tablet?

     3.       Compatibility issues creep in

You can’t run MYOB on your iPad and most practice management applications don’t yet work on tablets. So if you think your employees can be as productive on their tablet as on their laptops, then think again. Most of what they use for day-to-day work simply won’t run on their tablet.

     4.       Big business can solve these issues

Big business is combating security and software compatibility issues by running special software (link to Citrix XenApp) on their server. This software lets tablets access their company programs and files from a web browser (e.g. Safari). This avoids compatibility issues and also helps maintain control, but these programs are expensive and complex for small businesses to maintain.

     5.       Should your business buy the tablets?

If you run a small business then you should seriously consider buying the tablets for your staff just as you would your other IT equipment. Letting your staff use their own tablets is a nice thought but it’s not until you start to consider the risks and complexities that it becomes a real headache.

Since the recent launch of Windows 8 you can now buy convertible laptops that double as both a laptop and a tablet. This could be your answer.

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