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Ready for the holidays?

After another year of hard fought business in a flat economy we should all be looking forward to holidays. But before you go, here is a short IT checklist that we suggest you follow to help you avoid an IT disaster:

  1. Check your firewall is up-to-date for software and firmware
  2. Check your server has the latest patches
  3. Make sure your security software is updated on all servers and PCs
  4. Complete your backup and make sure a copy is offsite
  5. Test that your backups work (i.e. make sure you can recover with a “trial restore”)
  6. Ensure all on-going services are all paid for and will not expire over the holidays

This last one gets people all the time. When your DNS records expire over the holiday period it can be a hard task to find the right details and the right contacts to get it sorted out from an empty office. Similarly for your website host or other third party supplier of connections or services.

You certainly do not want to spend your holidays sitting on the beach worrying about your IT systems back in the office or your skeleton crew in the office not being able to provide services to your clients while you are away. You also want to know it will all be there to access remotely while on holidays and ready to start the New Year in good shape.

So get it set up, forward your phones to the after-hours service and have a great break this festive season. Stay safe on the roads and in the water and we will look forward to doing business with you next year.


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