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The 8 Best things to do with your IT systems over Christmas

For some of us the Christmas break is a chance to get some projects squared away before the new year gets into full swing.

Here are eight IT projects to help you improve your IT productivity ready for 2015:

1. Upgrade your servers. If you have a Windows 2003 server anywhere in your business it will go “end of life” in July 2015. There are literally thousands of 2003 servers to update and it is going to keep IT people very busy for months. So put it at the top of your list of your priorities.

2. Switch to cloud backup. If you have no backup or still using tapes or hard drives to back-up your data and systems, then now is the time to make use of your spare internet bandwidth and start uploading your files to a cloud backup solution? This will give you much better protection from things like the Crypto Locker Virus that is forcing businesses to restore files from backup to get up and running.

3. Implement a CRM System. If you are still tracking your clients and suppliers in outlook address books or business cards then consider the latest options for setting up a customer relationship management tool. Make sure that it can connect to your social media world too so that you are not missing out on key opportunities in your market place.

4. Set up an intranet. This is great way to better manage your company information. There are a range of server-based or online tools that will help you with this activity.

5. Switch your telephone. Move to a unified communications system (VoIP, chat, and teleconferencing in one) so you can save money, improve your team communication and spend less time travelling to meetings in 2015.

6. Clean up your server rack. If you have one of those crazy spaghetti server racks with network cables going all over the place to the point where you can’t find the connections you need, then it’s probably a great time to strip it down and cable it up neatly.

7. Check your capacity. Adding storage or compute power over the quiet time will ensure you can work full steam ahead when things get busy later in the year. Of course if you have already moved to the cloud this is probably not an issue as it will expand to meet your needs.

8. Inbox clean-up. It is a great time to archive those old emails into an annual archive so you can dig them out by time range if you need them but don’t clog up your inbox with all that bulk you may never need.



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