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The rise of the hybrid

The need for mobile devices is already well established. Workers are used to sharing information ‘on the fly’, responding quickly to customer enquiries and creating presentations and reports while flying from one city to another. This paves the way for rapid growth of half-tablet, half-notebook devices known as “hybrids”.

The main benefits of hybrids

There are three common reasons by mobile workers buy a hybrid device:

1)    Hybrids allow the user to switch from notebook to tablet mode by disconnecting the screen from the keyboard or by flipping/twisting the keyboard so it sits behind the screen. Changing from laptop to tablet can be very useful when travelling or presenting to clients.

2)    All hybrids have touchscreens and with the increasing popularity of Windows 8.1 the touchscreen is becoming a handy way to navigate programs/apps.

3)    In many cases the build quality of hybrids is better than notebooks because they are designed to cope better with the mobile worker. Hybrids are generally made of better material than notebooks to deliver durability and longevity.

Until recently hybrids have not been considered a desktop replacement

Many mobile users still choose notebooks over hybrids to run business-critical applications and to undertake resource-intensive consumer tasks. This is because laptops have traditionally been equipped with faster processors and more storage.

Times are a-changing. Intel is continuing to improve the performance, energy efficiency and size of its processors, while Microsoft Windows 8 (and 8.1) is optimised for touchscreens. New hybrid models have graphics capabilities to support multi-screen so you can plug in an external monitor at work.

The emergence of the next generation of hybrid devices with models like the Lenovo Yoga series indicates that hybrids are stepping forward in giving employees the mobility they want whilst giving them the performance and storage they need to stay productive at work.

Hybrid adoption is happening, and fast

The latest market research by Gartner Group shows worldwide tablet shipments are slowing (from 55% in 2013 to 11% in 2014) and a majority of the grow is now in the hybrid category. Gartner expects almost one-in-four lightweight mobile devices sold this year will be hybrids, up from one-in-ten last year.

If you are considering your next laptop replacement then first take a good, hard look at the latest hybrid devices.

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