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Written by Correct Solutions (a PowerBuy partner who sells and supports I.T. for small business)

Do you back-up your Windows Servers daily? Do your back-ups happen automatically and to a remote (off-site) location?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then we'd really like you to read on. We want to tell you about a relatively new solution that we have recently implemented at a number of our clients' sites making data protection really simple by performing automatic, scheduled backups of Windows Servers.

Microsoft's Back-up Approach

Introduced in 1997, Microsoft NT Backup was built-in to the operating system to back-up files. With the launch of Windows Server 2008 this software was replaced with a block-level backup system to speed up back-up and recovery.

There are limitations with Microsoft's in-built solution, namely:

  • Server 2008 does not let you back-up to tape drives, which is a big problem if you've previously invested in tape
  • Server 2008 is fine for backing up files, but it does not back up your system settings and applications (i.e. your system "image") so disaster recovery takes much longer
  • It's not easy to back-up your files to a remote location (over the Internet) so in the event of flood, fire or theft you could lose everything


A Better Way

We have discovered a back-up solution called BackupAssist that addresses these limitations and makes backing up fast and easy. BackupAssist uses an efficient software application called Rsync that transmits files from one location to another while minimising data transfer. Rsync is clever in the way that it copies backup files - it only copies the data that has changed. This saves you time and money because you minimise the amount of Internet bandwidth required to run a back-up.

With BackupAssist you can choose to back up your data within your network (at head office or at a different branch office) or externally (to a secure third-party facility or to the boss' home). BackupAssist works on Windows machines and can back-up to tape or disk (e.g. Network Attached Storage device).

Stay Notified

One of our favourite features in BackupAssist is the email notification of the backup's success/failure. In addition to this, version 5 now has an exciting new feature called "Centralized Monitoring". This means we can centrally monitor back-ups for our clients from a central location. We can also look at data growth on our clients servers so we can pro-actively notifying them if they're running out of space.

Find out more

We think BackupAssist offers a better way to back-up your Windows servers because it:

  • Minimise the time and money required to maintain up-to-date back-ups
  • Gives you an option to back your data up off-site (in case of disaster), and
  • Makes sure you don't run out of space on your backup drives and tapes.


We'd be happy to tell you more about BackupAssist or discuss your back-up needs in more deal. Please call us for a chat on (02) 8831 8300 and don't forget to mention that you found us on PowerBuy.

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