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With the 50% tax concession for small businesses ending December 31, there are lots of I.T. sales reps who will happily encourage you to "buy, buy, buy"  but there are certain I.T. products that you should hold off buying until 2010.

1. Ultra-thin laptops - All the major brands are releasing the sub 2cm laptops (Dell Adamo, Apple MacBook Air, Sony Viao X) but hold back your temptations if you can because you pay a hefty premium to save a few millimetres. Expect the ultra-thin laptops to take off late 2010 leading to substantial price drops (20% would not be unusual). If you're in the market for a laptop now, then we suggest a better alternative is a slightly thicker machine (2cm - 3cm) with a 13" or 15" screen because this is where you'll get your best value for money.

2. Windows 7 - The general consensus is that sales of the new Microsoft OS have been slower than expected because a lot of businesses are in no rush to upgrade. Our bet is that Microsoft's retailers have lots of excess stock so watch for aggressive pricing in the first few months of 2010. Try to hold off unless you purchase under Microsoft's volume licensing agreement or you buy it pre-installed with your new computer. Note that software purchases are not eligible for the tax break.

3. Netbooks - Prices of the popular netbooks (aka small laptops with 7" to 10" screens) have come down a lot, but we think prices will drop again in January during the "back to school" sales targeting students.

4. Touch screen monitors - Touch screens will become popular in 2010 because they work really well with the new layout of Windows 7. Monitor prices generally go up over the Christmas period because the screen manufacturers shift their production from monitors to televisions. Wait until 2010 when the sales of touch screens start to ramp and the big brands drop price to grab market share. In the mean time, if you're looking for a monitor a 22", 23" or 24" panel is the best value for money. Don't  forget to grab a discount coupon first!

5. Low-mid range laser printers - If you're in the market for a new laser printer for your office (less than $1,000) then hold off until the new year and we'll have some great cash-back deals on the most popular brands. However, if you're in the market for a high quality, high volume printer (over $1,000) then with the 50% tax break now's a great time to buy. We like Ricoh printers because they deliver enterprise-quality prints at a good price for small businesses.

6. Fibre Channel SANs - This one's for the techies. If you're looking to purchase a Storage Area Network (SAN) soon, then delay purchasing Fibre Channel technology until you've tested an iSCSI equivalent. iSCSI is roughly half the price of Fibre Channel and now accounts for almost 1 in every 2 SAN installations. Despite what you may have heard the difference in speed these days is not noticeable for 99% of businesses.

If you are looking for product advice then we suggest you talk to an expert. We recommend the following I.T. consultants (tell them "PowerBuy" sent you):

SYDNEY: Correct Solutions, (02) 8831 8200

BRISBANE: Hall Computer Services, (07) 3371 4455

ADELAIDE: VInet Solutions, 1300 733 441


Harris Technology, 1300 139 999

Computer Troubleshooters, 1300 282 878

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adi Narayan // 25/11/2009 1:09 PM

Very good information for all small businesses.

Keep on guard. Well done.

Milagro // 05/07/2012 7:32 AM

Thank you for publishing these details on your site.

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