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Looking to buy the latest gadget for your loved one this Christmas? Here are 5 techie gifts to avoid:

  1. eBook reader

    In 2011 we all bought eBook readers for our loved ones but since then tablets have come a long way. eBooks have traditionally been much cheaper than tablets but these days you can pick up the latest 7” Android tablet for under $200. eBooks have the advantage of being easy to read for long periods (using E Ink technology) but increasingly we are becoming used to reading books on our glossy tablet screens.

  2. Windows RT tablet

    Windows RT is the cut-down version of Windows 8 specifically designed for personal use to compete with iPad and Android. The problem is that Microsoft can’t compete on a like-for-like tablet with Apple and Google because they don’t have the range of apps. We can’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t drop RT for the fully-functional Windows 8 / Pro software. You may as well pay a bit extra to unlock the full functionality (support for legacy software, outlook and other business applications).

  3. Smart watches

    We’re on the verge of a revolution in smart watches – either that or the smart watch is a fad that will die out quickly. Either way you probably should not buy a smart watch now because Apple, Samsung, LG and Google are all reportedly working on major products for release soon. Early players have either delivered unstable performance or a mediocre set of functions. Just wait to see what happens.

  4. 3D TV

    3D TV is a fad, no doubt about it. When Avatar came out we were all sold on a 3D TV for our lounge room only to realise you can’t relax with your 3D glasses and a headache. So if you want to buy your partner a new TV this Christmas, is it really worth paying extra for 3D? We think not.

  5. Bluetooth tracker tags

    Bluetooth tracker tags are keyring-sized devices that you can stick or attach to those items you don’t want to risk losing – your wallet, keys, remote control or even your kid (attached to the shoelace)! The concept is great but the execution is not quite there yet. You need to be within 30 meters of the device to locate it and the tracking signal is not great. SticknFind (link) and Genie (link) are two leading models but we are all waiting for Tile (link), which is due to be launched mid next year. It might sound like a great gadget for Christmas but best wait for the next generation.

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Jorgen // 11/12/2013 11:26 AM

Your recommendations are good, except for the first one - which is rubbish; you will have to pry my Paperwhite away from dead, cold hands.

An AMOLED tablet is the only thing that's half usable at night, but they are again rubbish in daylight. E-ink has a clear win here. Also, the reader features no distractions either.

Lesley Thorne // 12/12/2013 10:35 AM

Agree with Jorgen. I would not swap my kindle for a tablet (I have both) and find reading on my kindle is much much easier on the eyes. I can read for much lonfer on the kindle. Thanks for the other information of what not to but - very useful

Thomas // 18/12/2013 10:14 AM

If you have kids older then 7, DO get a 3D TV. Get a passive one, you can use the same glasses as in the cinema, and dont have to worry about batteries, loosing or damaging them. And a e-ink reader is still much better then a tablet. Does not need to be recharged for hours.

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