Coupon FAQs

1. My coupon doesn't work, what do I do?

If your coupon doesn't work, please contact us via Live Chat or call us on 1300-955-523 (or +61-2-8599-9898) and we'll help.

2. Will my coupon work if the product is already discounted?

Your coupon might not work ON TOP of an existing discount. Some coupons are stackable but if they are then we will highlight it on the deal page.

3. How many coupons can I claim?

You can claim as many coupons as you like. Go crazy.

4. What if I decide not to buy the product?

You are under no obligation to buy. We're not angry, we're just disappointed.

5. When does my coupon expire?

Check the expiry date in the confirmation email that we sent you or on the deal page.

Cash-Back FAQs

1. I've just grabbed a cash-back but I haven't yet bought. What next?

Now you get to shop and find the best price. Head over to www.dell.com.au and find the perfect system for you or we can help find you the right product at the right price. Send your details to us via Live Chat or call/email us.

2. I've just uploaded a copy of my tax invoice. What next?

We will check your tax invoice for eligibility and then (hopefully) approve your claim for payment. Approval should take around 48 hours. Once approved we'll pay you within 20 days by bank deposit.

3. Where do I buy my product?

We're not a store, so you don't buy from us. Buy from www.dell.com.au or we can help you secure a great price. Go on, test us!

4. When does my cash-back expire?

You have 30 days to send us a copy of your tax invoice from the time you registered for the cash-back. The fastest way is to log-in to your account and attach a tax invoice to your claim.

5. How long does it take to get my payment?

We will pay you by bank deposit within 20 days of receiving your product tax invoice.